Question 1: how fine/coarse can your printing go? (Z axis)

Answer: from 50 microns to 500 microns. 


Question 2: can you make food grade utensils?

Answer: Food grade plastics are a delicate matter it depends on the specific use of the item.


Question 3: What can you make with Ultimaker 2 and 3?

Answer: What we can make is determined by size, from as small as 10mm up to 190mm by 190mm by 300mm.


Question 4: What materials can you print with?

PLA = Polylactic Acid (green renewable plastic)
T-PLA = Tough PLA (Acrylic/PLA blend)
POM = Polyoxymethylene (Delrin)
ABS = Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
PVA = Polyvinyl Alcohol
CPE = Copolyester
CPE+ = Copolyester
PC = Polycarbonate
BronzeFill, ColorFabb
BrassFill, ColorFabb
CopperFill, ColorFabb
SteelFill, ColorFabb
CorkFill, ClorFabb
WoodFill, ColorFabb
IronFill, ColorFabb
XT-CF20, CarbonFiber/PLA, ColorFabb
Glow-in-the-dark PHA/PLA
NYLON = Polyamide
TPU95A = Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Breakaway = Polyurethane/Polylactic Acid Blend

Wax Castable
Dental SG
Dental LT
Dental Model
High Temp
Clear, Black, White, Grey Standard Resin
Grey Pro
Flexible, 80A


Question 5: How long does it take you to print an object?

Answer: It does depend upon the object specifically, however our machines can print roughly 6 grams per hour at a high-quality rate, or 0.024cc/min at maximum speed.


Question 6: Can you turn a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional object?

Answer: yes, we can convert any picture such as a business logo to an SVG file, and from there incorporate it into a 3D model environment. (product library link)



Question 7: what brands of equipment do you use ?

Our Brands of Equipment

Form Labs SLS Stereo-lithographic printing

Ultimaker Printers,

Innofil3d Filaments,

Form Labs SLA Printers and Resins,

Polaroid Photography,

EinScan for 3D Scanning Autodesk,

C.A.D. Modeling/ Computer Aided Design.

Silicone/Plastic Moulding

Direct Injection Moulding


Question 8: What is your Print Resolution ?

(our print resolution at 0.005 mm is smooth to the touch


Question 9: What temperature can your ceramic withstand

Answer: Ceramic Printing printed Ceramic can withstand up to 1700 Celsius (circumstances may vary)


Question 10:What other services can you provide ?

3D scan and print service we can come to you scan fettle and print at your will

24 hour emergency print service, we can scan and print a working item within hours (conditions apply)

DMLS printing available soon! stainless steel and alloy printing and manufacturing